*Minimum of 2 dozen *

Phyllo Quiche Bites
Tea Sandwiches
Cucumber Rounds with Chevre and Chutney
Curried Deviled Eggs
Boursin & Red Pepper Filled Gougeres
Bacon Wrapped or Citrus Shrimp
Smoked Salmon Mousse on Crostini
Shrimp & Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli
Honey Mustard Chicken Skewers
Tenderloin Crostini with Béarnaise Mayo
Flank Steak Skewers with Horseradish Sauce
Lollypop Lamb Chops with Mint Yogurt
Ginger Lamb Meatballs with Tatziki Sauce

Antipasto Platter Assorted cured meats, olives, rosemary nuts and pickled vegetables

Artisan Cheese Platter A selection of cheeses accompanied by house made crackers, local honey and seasonal fruit

Marinated Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce Wild Gulf Shrimp

Crostini with Assorted Spreads  Parmesan Artichoke Dip, Basil Pesto and Olive Tapenade

Crudités Platter Assorted garden vegetables with herb buttermilk dip

Caprese Platter Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil with Josephine’s olive oil,  balsamic vinegar, and Lucia’s French Sea Salt

Breakfast or Brunch
Frittata (serves 5)
Choose a combination of the following for your personalized crustless quiche          
Meats: Bacon or ham      Vegetables: Scallions, peppers, or spinach      Cheese: Cheddar, Parmesan, or Gruyere

Coffee To Go With all the fixings 

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Fruit, Yogurt and Granola Buffet

Assorted Breakfast Pastries Baby Budapest muffins, scones, muffins, croissants, and popovers

Smoked Salmon Platter    Smoked salmon, capers, red onion, dill, cream cheese & tomatoes. Served with millet flax bread and baguette

Breakfast Bread Basket Popovers, millet flax bread, sweetbread, local artisan butter & jam


Bagged Lunches Bagged lunches are perfect for any office meeting. Each guest getsa choice of sandwich, a deli salad or kettle chips and a one of our fresh baked cookies $8.50-$11.50 (visit the Lucia’s To Go menu at or call us at (612) 825-9800 for sandwich and salad options)

Assorted Sandwich Platter Pick from our selection of sandwiches to create your own platter

Create a Sandwich Spread Platter of our sliced deli meats, cheeses, house baked bread & accompaniments

Farmer’s Salad Mixed greens with cheddar cheese, vegetables, toasted pecans, and maple mustard vinaigrette

Pasta Salad Pasta with herb champagne vinaigrette, mixed vegetables and parmesan cheese

Season Deli Salad spread A selection of 3-4 of our seasonal deli salads


Sliced Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce Rotisserie Chicken with Basil Pesto

 Salmon with Dill Yogurt Sauce

Crab Cakes with Citrus Aioli

Goat Cheese Tart with Ratatouille Vegetables

Black Bean Cakes with Habanero Sour Cream    

*Please call Lucia’s To Go to hear about our entrees of the week.*


Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Wild Rice Pilaf
Roasted / Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Platter

Mini Cookie & Bar Platter
Coconut Walnut Cake
Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Cake
Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake
Sheet Cakes for Special Occasions
Fresh Fruit Pies